Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Twelve Faces of Babaji Revised

Zazzle has censored my Babaji mandala again, objecting to my use of the ancient symbol of the swastika. I had previously explained to them that the swastika is one of our earliest sacred symbols found in various forms around the world long before the Nazi's perversion of it. I have had Babaji designs on Zazzle since 2008, but they would not relent this time, so I have changed my design. This revised version uses an Aztec symbol which is actually a variation on the swastika, but looks different than the one we are more familiar with. The Navajo and Hopis used one identical to the Scandinavian one, and Buddhists still use it today. The Babaji mandala was my first digital mandala and still my favorite, so it is important to me to keep it available. Those interested in more information will find Wikipedia's article on this symbol fascinating. I think of the swastika, in all its forms, as a cross in motion.

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