Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tree Mandala Experiment

For several years, I have planned to use trees for my mandala designs. I started with a bare branched mesquite tree a couple of years ago. I spent months "extracting" the tree from it background, but set it aside. I haven't given up on it, and plan to come back to it at some point. I also started extracting a birch tree, but have set that aside as well. I decided to try working with something simpler, and chose this small, bare branched tree near my home. Even this simple tree took two months to extract. Trees with leaves should be easier, but I like the bare branched ones because there are so many interesting shapes out there, and it is nice to be able to see the structure. ***************************************************************************************************************************************************************** These designs are an experiment to see what can be done with the trees. They show some of what is possible. I will not be putting these up for sale, but would appreciate any feedback you have. By the way, I am trying to think of a name for my Maine/New England collection of designs. I have my Cactus Hugger Designs for Arizona flora. I plan to keep adding to that collection, but want to start a Maine collection as well. I am thinking of Mainely Mandalas. Let me know how you like it.

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