Sunday, September 5, 2010

Pink Tree Bell Mandala and Array 2 with Backgrounds

The bottom image is the tree bell array reworked over a new radial background seen above. I then created another radial background as shown on top. This image is too busy and sharp to work well as a background, so I blurred it for use with the array.
I have been having a good time making the repeating pattern backgrounds, and they will continue to have their uses; but this radial technique is a jump forward and works much better with the mandalas.
I keep adding new techniques to my designs, that make me want to go back and rework everyhting I have done to date; but I forge ahead with new creations. I am selling a few pieces every month, but sometimes I ask myself why sales are not progressing faster. The answer I get is that I am still perfecting my craft. It has only been two and one half years that I have been doing this, and I am constantly learning.

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