Saturday, June 5, 2010

Mandala Complex 1 with Nightblooms & Butterflies

We take tobacco and incendiary devices at night from our residents for fire safety. That means we take matches and lighters. As I collected them Thursday night, I noticed that one of the guys had a new bic lighter. It had an interesting design on it that was sort of a mandala design. It was beautifully done, but what caught my eye was the layout. It had a complex arrangement of multiple rings that radiated into each other and created interesting shapes where they met.

One of the problems I keep working with is that a mandala fits nicely on a square page, but most prints, posters, cards and so on are rectangular. I have used a variety of techniques to fill up the extra space, but this makes the best use of the rectangle yet. I took my nightblooming mandala with butterflies and expanded it with radiaiting lines and arranged it on the page as you see here. I think the design is rather striking, but I have still not acheived what the artist did in the lighter. It is a rough first draft, but I think it is enough to show the potential.

This is so intricate that it would take a mural sized presentation to show any detail in the flowers or butterflies. I will start creating new ones that will fit better on a poster. I share this partly to show that there is no telling where the next inspiration will come from. I think it is my job to try and remain open to where I am lead.

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