Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I have designed this mandala for a t shirt, but it can be done as a print or poster. Text could be added in a traditional manner above and/or below the image; or it could even be done as a circular surround as was done with the Babaji t shirt.
The knot design is by Leonardo Da Vinci. He created it for craftsmen to use. The copy I used was poor quality, so I had to trace over the lines. The beauty of Photoshop is that I only had to trace one twelth of the design and could then duplicate and rotate the rest in two minutes. The knot design had a large hole in the center so I filled it in with this medieval labyrinth design.
This is a warm up. I plan to use the celtic knots to create a series of 12 mandalas based on old medieval Rose Window designs. I will need to create my own knot patterns which is a bit of a challenge. When complete, I will have enough for a calendar. Don't ask me what year that will be.

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