Thursday, February 5, 2009


This is a second mandala made with the pink tree bells. Once you have taken the time and effort to do the flower extractions in Photoshop, then they can be used in all sorts of compostions. I haven't even begun to combine different kinds of flowers yet. I'm having too much fun with single flower pieces. This mandala is significant in another way. I have been creating mandalas that will fit into a square, but posters and prints come in rectangular sizes; so I have been using text to fill in the open spaces. Here, I have put the mandala in the center of the page, and put larger images of the flowers at the top and bottom. Besides filling in the blank space nicely, it gives the viewer some closeups of the flowers. You will see more of this.
I am working toward calendar designs for next year. I want to do one with twelve cactus flower compositions, and another with twelve of the flower mandalas. This is fifth in the series. I will do one version with text to give some inspirational reminder on a daily basis, but for those who find a quote, saying or poem a distraction; I will do a set like this with no text. It's all about choices. Computer graphics offers lots of choices as you can see.

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