Sunday, October 26, 2008


This is the picture that started it all. I painted this in acrylics back in 1995. I recently digitized it and got the idea to go back and turn other old works into mandalas.
At Christmas of '94, I had no money with which to buy a friend a present, so I told him that I would do a painting of his choice. He asked for a picture of Babaji with a white lotus. The accompanying poem grew out of my struggle to come up with a suitable image for Babaji.
I had the little sketch in Yogananda's Autobiography of a Yogi, but that was not a lot to go on. I understood that Babaji goes in and out of incarnation at will. I figure he is also a shape shifter who can take on any form he wants. Since I couldn't come up with a single image that satisfied me, I turned to a circle with twelve images in a mandala design.
Resting in the lotus seat,
I summon your image to my mind.
Although I search and search again,
No form to hold you do I find.
From flash of golden light,
The great white lotus unfolds;
And you present yourself as twelve.
Spokes of the wheel my eye beholds.
Mandala of creation,
Shining circle of eternity.
I gaze upon the wondrous sight
Of twelve faces of Babaji.
In the silence of my thoughts,
You come as fire's purity.
Your eyes pierce me to my core;
I bow in naked humility.
O lord of heaven and earth,
In you are sun and moon.
Heat of summer and winter cold;
Fire of Mars and deep seas of Neptune.
I look and see the father stern;
Again, I know the gentle mother.
You dance with grace of gazelle,
But stalk with deadly strength of tiger.
Overwhelmed, I try to turn away,
But wherever I look, you are there.
Spinning, changing face of truth,
You show yourself as everywhere.
As the walls of limitation
Fall away before my timid eyes,
You reveal the glory behind
The mask of material disguise.
The twelve aspects of creative force;
Yin and yang, star, cross and om.
Ancient symbols of the One.
Wisdom keys to lead us home.
******************************************************************************************************************************************** I originally used a swastika that looks like the one the Nazis used, but which was also used by the Hopi, Buddhists and others. Due to objections to its use by Zazzle, I have revised the design to use an Aztec form of the swastika. The swastika is one of our oldest spiritual symbols, and has taken many forms around the world. I think of it as the cross in motion or with wings. Here is my new image.

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