Wednesday, October 29, 2008


In creating the tutorial blog, I made some improvements to the Brighthawk Mandala as you can see here. I use the design of this Mandala as the basis of the Process blog.
It gives you an idea of how many variations one can create with these tools.
I want to give you the original, full length version of the Brighthawk poem. The visual image of the hawk and man came to me first. The poem came later. I recently rewrote the poem in a condensed form of 8 lines so that I could fit it with the mandala design.
City born, I walked the streets of sorrow.
Bound by concrete boxes and cages of steel;
A prisoner of thought, I must go
In search of whatever life will reveal.
City free, I followed the roads of loneliness;
I wrestled with vipers and struggled with myself.
Through shadows of despair, shone glimpses of expansiveness.
Country grown, I wandered barefoot on the land.
At home beside the the mountain stream,
Staring in awe across the desert sand.
Stumbling toward an unknown dream.
Brighthawk, sounds of a distant drum.
Brighthawk, through all my foolish years,
You waited patiently for me to come.
Your voice whispered softly in my ears.
Now with arms stretched wide
I stand against the sky of blue,
Calling to my spirit guide
For counsel sure and true.
Out of a purple cloud,
You hover over me
And speak the Word aloud
In answer to my plea.
As the mountain height
Trembles in mighty resonance,
I am bathed in golden light.
My flame begins to dance.
O Great Spirit, unseen behind the form,
I stand in the whirlwind of your truth;
My being caught in the storm,
The quickening shakes me from my youth.
My heart soars with the hawk,
As I'm lifted on those ancient wings.
With overflowing joy, I walk
Above the horizon, 'cross the threshold rings.
My mind flies with the hawk.
Wisdom of the elders, white buffalo;
Coyote, totem pole and cornstalk;
Sand painting, sage and Navajo.
My soul sails with the hawk
Past the glow of Jupiter and Neptune.
Cosmic mysteries of which I cannot talk,
Joining the dance of sun and moon.
I become the hawk, gliding over all,
Seeing praire give way to desert hills;
Watching as the river turns to waterfall.
Drink deep the wonder Earth instills.
Brighthawk, now I have your eyes to see.
Brighthawk, guide my steps as I begin
To live the vision born in me.
What will be flows from what has been.

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